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Introducing Pasta Oase Team
our team is young, motivated and creative.
we see ourselves more as family rather then a team.
we grew together with the restaurant and hope to continue to do so.



Diana - manager

Hi! :)

I'm the new manager of Pasta oase, and I'm working to make your experience in our restaurant even better! 

matias - cook chef

our young chef will surprise you with his ideas and creations.

we can guarantee that every dish is made with passion, let yourself surrender to the flavours he will present you.

believe us, he knows what he's doing.


Flori - service

Can you resist this smile?

we can't get enough of it, flori will serve you always with her unique smile and carisma.

it's so easy to work with her, she turns everything into positivity.


visit us, we can't wait to meet you!

Your pasta oase team

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